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Why a braai? A better question is why not. What could be better than stoking up a good fire, raking coals and grilling your meat on it? But there’s much more…

Cooking on a cedar plank ensures that the apples are cooked ‘indirectly’. That prevents them from burning at the bottom. The edges of the plank will smoke.

This is a beautiful and simple lobster recipe, a perfect example of what the South African braai can add in flavour. The subtle woody flavours of the braai...

The French name probably goes down well with guests: ‘Tournedos grillé en papillote de sucre de cane’. A surprising dish with an oriental touch. The combination of sweet and savoury works wonders.

A ‘vuurvarkie’ (literally, a fire piggy) is a traditional South African bread oven. Once you’ve made the dough, put the baking tin in your vuurvarkie and then all you have to do is wait.

It’s now been more than twelve years since my wife and I visited the country estate fair at ‘Landgoed Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt’. We came across the people of Comfort Trade revealing the braai and all its possibilities...

There’s no such thing as a braai without a good fire. There’s no doubt about it. But opinions are divided on the wood that provides the best fire and ultimately the best coals.

Many people expect big slabs of meat from a braai, whole chickens on a spit or even a suckling pig. But you can also prepare braai meat in other ways. How about this luxurious braai roll?

South Africans are hospitable people. Guests are always welcome, particularly at a braai. They simply add another plate. And that also applies to the National Braai Tour that braai legend Jan Braai has been organising...

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