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Legend has it that the first braais were created by accident. Life changed dramatically when early man could make his own fire. Along with warmth and safety, a fire also offered the ability to prepare food differently. Until then primitive people had eaten the food they found or the meat they captured, raw. Then came the moment that someone dropped a piece of meat in the fire and discovered that this roasted meat was far tastier. It was also far easier to chew and digest. And thus was born the principle of the braai.

It’s no coincidence that the first traces of primitive man and fire were discovered in South Africa. In the dark caves near Sterkfontein, scientists found traces showing that the first humans lived there more than a million years ago, and that they already used a primitive form of braai. Among other things this was apparent from the remains of antelope bones that had clearly been in the fire.

After this first primitive start, the braai grew to become a national tradition in South Africa. Both the country’s original inhabitants and the farmers who arrived later contributed to the phenomenon that is today’s braai. Regardless of background, people gathered around the braai to meet and eat. People shared the latest news and told their stories around the fire.

Today’s braai differs little in essence. In fact the braai is a unifying factor in a country with such a diverse population. Everyone puts their own spin on the braai, and everyone has their own way of creating a fantastic fire-based meal. Anything’s fine as long as everyone has a good time and eats well. The fact that South Africa is the only country in the world to hold a National Braai Day underlines the importance of this cultural and social heritage. The braai is so much more than a method of cooking; it’s part of the national identity. It has been for years, and always will be.


We get so much pleasure from our Home Fires braai that
we’ll soon be taking it with us when we move to France.

Boymans family, Tonden (NL)

We’ve now had our built-in braai for some nine years
and simply couldn’t manage without it!

De Vries family, Doetinchem (NL)

For us any opportunity, however small,
is a good excuse to light our braai.

Hendriksen family, Groenekan (NL)

Where can you
buy this?

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