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We can tell you plenty about how cosy a braai is and the deliciousness of its food when you make your own coals. But no matter how enthusiastic we are, or how wonderful our own stories and experiences might be, you just have to experience the magic of the braai yourself.

To give you a chance to discover the braai and its many braai enthusiasts, we regularly organise meetings and demonstrations, often together with our dealers and partners. These offer you the ideal opportunity to ask all your questions and to experience the braai phenomenon for yourself. Sign up and we’ll keep you posted on when and where there’s a braai meeting or demo near you. We love to talk about braais and braaiing!

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    Although the braai was conceived and perfected in South Africa, you too can enjoy a wonderful braai. Comfort Trade offers the braai you need for any situation. A portable or free-standing model for the garden or under the veranda. Or a built-in braai in the home, or in your outdoor kitchen. Our extensive dealer network means you’ll always find the braai which suits you best. That gives you the certainty that you, your friends and your family can get 100 per cent enjoyment out of everything a braai has to offer.

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    The braai community is constantly evolving new techniques and recipes. We keep a close eye on all the latest developments, from recipes and great stories to special events. If you don’t want to miss out, register right now for our digital updates. Then you can be sure that you’ll always be up to speed with the latest braai news.

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