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Or: Braaiing means

A braai means fun, adventure and delicious food all in one. A pure experience you share with friends and family. Cooking food on coals is as old as mankind. But the braai has been raised to an art in the vast expanses of South Africa. It’s an essential part of South Africa’s history and food culture. Fortunately, real braai enthusiasts are now found worldwide.

A perfect braai begins with a good fire and good company. You create a beautiful fire from logs together. This is how you make the embers that impart that pure taste to all your dishes. A braai is so much more than a barbecue where you just heat some coals and grill some meat. With a braai you take your time, for your fire, for your dishes and especially for the people around you.

You might choose meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, pure or marinated. Everything that comes off the braai is a special delicacy. And the companionship provides that extra flavour. You sit around the fire together and enjoy each other’s company. You actually watch the food being cooked with a drink in hand and good conversation. And when the real enjoyment begins, you heat up the coals to create an atmospheric open fire.

You can organise a braai anywhere. You can get going anywhere that you can make a fire and welcome people. That’s when a robust braai is essential of course. The considerable heat from a wood fire demands materials of the highest quality. South African family producer Home Fires manufactures sturdy steel braais which are your best guarantee of a successful braai: enjoying honest food together!

Where does
the braai
come from?

What are its origins?

Talk about braais and you’re talking about South Africa. The first people roasted their food on fires in the caves of Sterkfontein ages ago. South Africans insist they invented the braai. Whether it’s true or not is unimportant. What’s far more important is the way they have perfected this phenomenon over the years. And now gatherings of friends and families outside South Africa are also enjoying all the delicacies and conviviality that a braai can offer.

Standing around
a fire

stokes up everyone’s

A wood fire appeals to everyone’s imagination. Every time you light a good fire is a magical moment. As it ‘takes’, the flames eat slowly into the wood to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. A braai fire is far more than just for cooking. It’s the basis for the most delicious dishes that you can enjoy with others. That’s the essence of the braai.

A braai is the perfect basis for a rich and varied meal, one which must naturally include good honest meat. Whether you grill a fillet or other steak briefly and vigorously, cook skewers and sausages (South Africa’s famous ‘boerewors’) or slow-cook large chunks of meat, it’s all possible on your braai. But you can also turn fish, shellfish, vegetables, potatoes or bread into delicacies in no time at all. Just about anything you can imagine can be prepared purely and tastefully on your very own braai.

Braai cuisine offers unlimited choice, and that also applies to the different types of braais. The choice varies from portable and free-standing braais in your garden or under your veranda, to complete built-in braais in your outdoor kitchen. You can also enjoy all the delights a braai can offer you and your companions indoors. Want to know which braai is right for you?


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