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Freestanding 800

This braai is 80 cm wide and can be supplied with or without a steel base. The braai itself is fully equipped with a heat shield at the rear. This shield is next to the ember maker, which itself has an insulated back. The ember maker is on the right in this model, so that the cowl is well insulated. This freestanding braai works well on its own, but is also easy to build in, for instance on a veranda or terrace. Several preparations are in place to facilitate this, for connection to insulated chimney materials.

The robust ember maker is insulated and a spacious stainless steel grill grid (54×60 cm) is available for grilling and cooking. The Freestanding 800 comes standard with a heavy stainless steel steak grilling grid with solid 8 mm thick bars, a poker, a raised and removable ash pan with drawer, and a holder for a traditional potjie. The Freestanding 800 also has two doors, one at the top and one at the bottom, to protect the braai from wind and weather.

Home Fires
Freestanding 1200

This robust braai is 120 cm wide and can stand on its own in the garden or on a terrace. The braai has heat shields at the rear, and can be supplied on a robust base that can also be used for wood storage. The ember maker is suspended in the middle and is insulated at the rear. You can also build in this model; preparations are already in place for connection to insulated chimney materials.

The ember maker is suspended in the middle of the Freestanding 1200. Two grill zones are available left and right, to give each dish its ideal cooking. There are also cooking drawers that you can use to prepare (side) dishes or to keep things warm. This braai comes standard with a heavy stainless steel steak grilling grid with solid 8 mm bars and a standard stainless steel grill grid. There is also a holder for the traditional cast-iron potjie to make potjiekos. This model is fitted with an upper and lower door for protection from the weather.

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Although the braai was conceived and perfected in South Africa, you too can enjoy a wonderful braai. Comfort Trade offers the braai you need for any situation. A portable or free-standing model for the garden or under the veranda. Or a built-in braai in the home, or in your outdoor kitchen. Our extensive dealer network means you’ll always find the braai which suits you best. That gives you the certainty that you, your friends and your family can get 100 per cent enjoyment out of everything a braai has to offer.

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