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Home Fires
Camp braai

This portable Home Fires Camp braai is the best solution if you really want to braai everywhere. As it’s really compact, you can fold it up and take it with you to your ideal braai spot. Just don’t forget that it weighs 49 kg. This braai comes complete with an ember maker and a grilling grid. The dimensions are 96x55x164 cm, and the grill surface is 54×31 cm. An optional spit unit is available. Whatever the situation, this will give you braai pleasure wherever you want.

Home Fires
Jan Braai

Home Fires has developed a minibraai in collaboration with the well-known South African braai-master Jan Braai. This mini-braai fits perfectly in a special box, making it easy to take along in the car. On location you quickly unfold it and get started. Although it’s a mini-braai you still have a grilling surface of 42×32 cm. The weight is 15 kg, without meat of course.

Home Fires Trolley /
Trolley 700

If you want to be flexible and braai at different spots in your garden, just wheel the Home Fires Trolley to the right spot. Using this mobile braai with embers lets you have the whole braai available as a large grid (70×50 cm). As an option you can also attach an ember maker to make your own embers; then there’s space for a 70×46 cm grid. The braai also comes with a holder for a traditional potjie. The Trolley Braai has sturdy wheels, letting you move it easily and quickly. You can also use these models as a table braai in your outdoor kitchen.

Home Fires Trolley /
Trolley 1200

The Home Fires Trolley 1200 is a mobile 120×50 cm braai that you can easily wheel to the best braai spot. This portable braai with sturdy wheels comes standard with an ember maker and two sturdy 50×46 cm grids for the ultimate braai experience. That lets you easily create two heat zones. A pot holder is also included. Make your own embers and get going wherever you want. This Trolley model offers all the space you need to serve the tastiest dishes straight from your braai onto the table. You can also use these models as a table braai in your outdoor kitchen.

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Although the braai was conceived and perfected in South Africa, you too can enjoy a wonderful braai. Comfort Trade offers the braai you need for any situation. A portable or free-standing model for the garden or under the veranda. Or a built-in braai in the home, or in your outdoor kitchen. Our extensive dealer network means you’ll always find the braai which suits you best. That gives you the certainty that you, your friends and your family can get 100 per cent enjoyment out of everything a braai has to offer.

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