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The Big Five is a familiar concept in Africa. It was mainly hunters who originally used the term, but these days guns have been swapped for cameras. People shoot pictures of these splendid animals rather than bullets. Everyone on a safari hopes to see the Big Five: the buffalo, the lion, the leopard, the rhino and the elephant. Your game park trip is a success if you spot all five. We’ve put together our own Big Five for braais; you can spot them here.

You can be sure of finding your braai among Comfort Trade’s Big Five. We offer the perfect braai for every location, whether you’re on the road, in your garden, under the veranda or just want to braai inside. Just as every safari visitor has his or her own favourite animal, braai lovers also have their personal preferences. You can easily choose your ideal braai from our wide range to match the location or occasion.

The Comfort Trade Big Five comprises Portable, Freestanding, Built-In and Extreme braais, with the Accessories as a special category.


Want to enjoy a braai anywhere and at any time? You can, with our portable braais.


A freestanding braai in your garden or under your veranda? No problem.


A braai as part of your outdoor kitchen? Or simply indoors?


Want to braai for an outdoor category? We’re happy to seek out the extremes.


Want to give your braai just that extra something? We offer you all the options.

Looking for made-to-measure

Looking for an extra-special braai tool? We can work with you to find it.

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Although the braai was conceived and perfected in South Africa, you too can enjoy a wonderful braai. Comfort Trade offers the braai you need for any situation. A portable or free-standing model for the garden or under the veranda. Or a built-in braai in the home, or in your outdoor kitchen. Our extensive dealer network means you’ll always find the braai which suits you best. That gives you the certainty that you, your friends and your family can get 100 per cent enjoyment out of everything a braai has to offer.

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