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Comfort Trade shares its braai passion with an extensive dealer network. We have years of experience in supplying braais of the highest quality. As the European importer, we exclusively supply braais by Home Fires, manufacturer of the best South African braais. We work closely alongside specialised and highly-motivated dealers to encourage the braai tradition outside South Africa as well.

We are proud of our long-term relationships with an active network of some 70 dealers in 17 countries. Most of our dealers are BBQ specialists who share our passion for the braai and who want to spread it. Among their initiatives to this end, they regularly hold workshops where you can see the Home Fires braais in action.

We also organise regular events together at the dealers’ own premises. That lets us share our knowledge about braais and new developments. It ensures that everyone can enjoy the best braai experience. Take a look to see which dealer is closest to you.

Our network is divided over three categories: dealers, showrooms and experience centres. Our regular dealers provide extensive advice on our braais and all accessories, but don’t have braais on display. The Home Fires braais are exhibited in the showrooms where, along with expert advice, you can also see the braais for yourself. Finally, you can experience the braais in real life in the experience centres. Take a look to see which dealer, showroom or experience centre is nearest to you.

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