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A ‘vuurvarkie’ (literally, a fire piggy) is a traditional South African bread oven. You put the fire piggy in the coals and can also put embers or briquettes on the side slots. This guarantees even heating. Naturally you can bake crusty bread in the oven in no time at all. But the fire piggy can be used in many creative ways, for example to cook chicken legs or for a vegetable dish.

Dutch oven starterset

‘Potjiekos’ (literally, a pot meal) is very popular in South Africa. The original farmers who travelled cross-country in their covered wagons made the most delicious stews in their cast-iron pots or ‘Dutch ovens’. Several ingredients in one pot constitute a delicacy almost by themselves. This cast-iron starter set includes a large pot, a saucepan, a frying pan or skillet, various lids, a lid lifter and a glove. A poffertjes pan (for producing tiny traditional pancakes) completes the set. Bonus tip: the poffertjes pan isn’t only great for making the tastiest poffertjes; it’s also ideal for preparing snails or oysters.

Rotisserie set

The Rotisserie set offers you all the possibilities for delicious grilling. It’s available in two sizes: the 50 cm frame fits any braai, while the 63 cm frame fits the Built-in 1000 and 1500 and Built-in Spitbraai. The frames let you place skewers in a variety of positions for the best results. A motor set is also available if you don’t want to rotate it yourself, comprising 2 brackets and a silent 220V electric motor that can turn up to 15 kg.

View the Rotisserie Set

Fireplace Grid

A special fireplace grid is available for the Built-in braais. All you have to do is move the ember maker to the left or right or take it out. The special fire grid lets you quickly convert your braai into a cosy open fire. This lets you enjoy the crackling fire cosily during and after dinner.

Steak Plate

A juicy steak requires fast and even heating. The special steak plate ensures that the best meat really gets the best cooking. The plate is manufactured from a special steel alloy. Because the model is slightly concave, the oil is evenly distributed and won’t run off the plate. The stainless steel drip tray also collects excess oil. The plate offers endless possibilities, like teppanyaki or plancha, but you can also fry vegetables or fish on it.

The Steak Plate in action

Wok Set

The wok set consists of a steel grid with a ring made to fit the stainless steel wok pan perfectly. The grid is also available separately as a base for other sturdy pans. Using the wok on the braai lets you easily stir-fry all kinds of vegetables, meat and fish. This means the braai can be used for a wide range of dishes, and you can easily give your dishes your own twist.


The multi-oven is easy to suspend in your braai and can be used to prepare a variety of dishes. The oven is ideally suited for slow cooking. You can allow time for the food that needs to cook for a longer period to reach its full flavour. The applications are endless, but the oven is often used to bake bread, gratinée potatoes, or to cook your spare ribs perfectly.

Pizza Oven

A braai is the perfect heat source for a traditional pizza oven. The insulated stainless steel is perforated at the bottom. You can be sure that the special pizza stone will attain the desired high temperature when you put it on the grid. The embers underneath are the perfect source of heat. This lets you quickly make your own pizzas that easily compete with the Italian varieties. Buon Appetito!

Flip ’n Grate

A stainless steel Flip ‘n Grate grid is an absolute must for preparing boerewors or braai-toasted sandwiches (tostis). The stable base is the foundation for the strong clamping grid which is adjustable for height and can be rotated. Place the stand vertically next to the ember maker and you’ll get the most from the radiant heat. The special carry bag lets you store your Flip ‘n Grate neatly and take it to another braai, or use it on a campfire.

Warming Grid

A warming grid is ideal for keeping your food warm at a higher level than the regular grilling grid, or for letting it cook afterwards. You simply slide the 20×50 cm stainless steel grid into the top of the braai. That lets you create an extra grilling surface, or other temperature zones.

Salmon Shelf

The salmon shelf is a great accessory if, in addition to meat, potatoes, bread or vegetables, you occasionally want to braai a delicious salmon. You place the salmon on the shelf in its skin, and secure it with the stainless steel bracket. Then you put the shelf in the holder, which you attach to the ash pan. You can easily rotate the shelf. The radiant heat takes care of the rest. Checking the cooking is easy. With this special salmon shelf, you and your companions are assured of beautifully cooked salmon with a unique flavour. You can easily clean the shelf to enjoy delicious salmon again the next time you braai.

Side Table

A side table is the perfect solution if you need more working space around your braai. This spacious worktop is based on the chassis of the Freestanding braai and is available in two sizes. This sturdy base is ideal for stacking extra wood underneath. And if you want, you can mount a wooden or granite top yourself that best suits your outdoor kitchen or interior. The side tables are available in two sizes: 80 and 120 cm.

Kindling Cracker
Log Splitter

No braai without wood logs. The Kindling Cracker is a fantastic tool for making your own kindling quickly and safely. It lets you ensure that you have the perfect kindling or wood for the quick provision of embers. You place the log on the upside-down axe and give it a firm tap with a hammer. This lets you chop your own braai wood without the hazards involved with an ordinary axe.

This is how the Kindling Cracker works


Every braai located under a canopy, perhaps on a veranda or indoors, needs roof penetration and flue. We have a wide range of double-walled chimney elements to ensure a safe smoke outlet. We also have standard sets for flat roofs and pitched roofs. All the chimney material we use is CE/TÜV certified and double-walled. We have extensive experience in the installation of braais, so please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Luxury Presentation

This oak tray fits perfectly in the lower door of your braai. The tray with its leather handles and an optional juice slot is the ideal work or presentation tray. You can use it as a cutting board or to prepare all your ingredients, which you can easily present on the tray once all the dishes have been prepared. The worktop then becomes a presentation board. The handles let you pick up the entire meal and take it to the dining table. A wonderful way to present the meal to the entire company in one go. This unique tray thus combines the functionality of a spacious work surface with the appearance of a luxurious serving tray.

Sicklebush braai wood

You can’t have a good braai without premium wood. For us, sicklebush produces the very best braai wood. Not only does this African wood burn longer than other hardwoods; its high density ensures beautiful coals with a very long glowing time. That’s why we have developed a special Braaibox. This sustainable cardboard box contains 15 kg of the best sicklebush wood by SlowWwood. Have fun braaiing!

Braai gloves

Braais can get really hot. So it’s wise to be careful. You can be sure your most important tool, your hands, is well protected with our sturdy braai gloves. Our gloves are made of robust leather and are heat-resistant. The extra-long gauntlet sleeves add extra protection. Safe braai fun!

Maintenance set

Good maintenance is essential if you want to enjoy your braai for years and years. Our maintenance set offers everything you need. It comprises a bottle of boiled linseed oil (500ml), a brush, and a spray-can of matte-black heat-resistant paint. The oil protects the outside of the braai against weather influences. It’s easy to apply with a cloth and the brush that comes with it. Where there might be minor surface damage, or perhaps to make the screws black, you can spray on the heat-resistant paint. All this lets you keep on braaiing year after year.

Asado Backplane

Simply use the rail in the back of the braai (each model) to hang this Backplane.
You can still use a grid on the lowest level as well.

304 Stainless steel, 1,6 kg
Sizes: 40 wide x 29 high x 9 cm deep
32 skewer positions

Table Holder

To serve the skewers on the table we designed a Table holder for 3 skewers. It includes a robust stand to collect the liquid.

304 Stainless steel
Size: 16 x 16 cm, 9 cm high
Drip tray: 23 x 23 cm / dishwasher safe / fits 100 ml liquid

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Although the braai was conceived and perfected in South Africa, you too can enjoy a wonderful braai. Comfort Trade offers the braai you need for any situation. A portable or free-standing model for the garden or under the veranda. Or a built-in braai in the home, or in your outdoor kitchen. Our extensive dealer network means you’ll always find the braai which suits you best. That gives you the certainty that you, your friends and your family can get 100 per cent enjoyment out of everything a braai has to offer.

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